Félix Chénier PhD


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Current courses

  1. KIN3700 Human movement biomechanics, Université du Québec à Montréal
  2. KIN1700 Anatomy applied to human movement, Université du Québec à Montréal
  3. KIN3091 Human motor function: kinesiological aspects, Université du Québec à Montréal
  4. ERG7001 Ergonomics biomechanical aspects, Université du Québec à Montréal

Former courses

  1. GPA220 Electric circuits analysis, École de technologie supérieure
  2. ELE3312 Microcontrollers and applications, École Polytechnique de Montréal
  3. ELE4302 Introduction to microprocessors, École Polytechnique de Montréal
  4. ELE1300 Logical circuits, École Polytechnique de Montréal

Ph.D. students

  1. A Alonso -
    Codirector, 2018 -

M.Sc. students

  1. E Marquis - Conception of a 3D dynamic model of the wheelchair-user system for a simulator dedicated to train manual wheelchair skills during rehabilitation and sports
    Director, 2018 -
  2. A Pizarro-Chong - Design of a haptic interface for a simulator dedicated to train manual wheelchair skills during rehabilitation and sports
    Director, 2017 - 2019
  3. H Eskandari - Development of a marker tracking algorithm for the 3D kinematic analysis of racing wheelchair using a single onboard camera
    Codirector, 2017 - 2018
  4. JL Fauvel - Racing wheelchair: an analysis of the user's movement to define conception criteria for a new instrumented wheel
    Codirector, 2016 - 2017

Research internships and personal projects

  1. PO Bédard - Development of an experimental protocol for a biomechanical study of wheelchair basketball
    Director, 2018
  2. E Marquis - Development of biomechanical computation algorithmes for the study of para-athletism and wheelchair basketball
    Director, 2018
  3. G Hajj - Development of a 3D kinematics measurement protocol for biomechanical study of adaptive sports
    Director, 2018
  4. K Lefebvre - Dynamic tests for a 1-camera, 3D position kinematics extraction method for wheelchair racing
    Director, 2018
  5. CA Russel - Simulated effect of positioning on power generation in racing wheelchair propulsion
    Director, 2017 - 2018
  6. E Marquis - Effect of an orthopaedic sole on foot centre of pressure for ice skating
    Director, 2017
  7. G Clermont - Analysis of spatiotemporal parameters of racing wheelchair propulsion on a training roller
    Director, 2017
  8. CA Russell - Analysis of spatiotemporal parameters of racing wheelchair propulsion on a training roller
    Director, 2017
  9. J Malbequi - Measuring racing wheelchair propulsion forces on a dynamometer and on an instrumented training roller
    Director, 2016 - 2017
  10. V Fabbri - Development of a method to measure 3D racing wheelchair kinematics to evaluate athletes at home
    Director, 2016
  11. P Gaumond - Assesment of upper-body muscular activity when propelling a manual wheelchair on a side incline
    Director, 2016
  12. M Gosselin - Design of an innovative method to measure 3D kinematics with a camera with a Fish-eye lens
    Director, 2016
  13. J Malbequi - Validation of a measurement index of push symmetry and syncronism when propelling a manual wheelchair
    Director, 2016
  14. S Harvey - Assesment of amplitudes and timings of upper-body muscular activity when propelling a manual wheelchair on a side incline
    Director, 2015 - 2016
  15. C Jouval - Study of manual wheelchair propulsion kinetics on a cross-slope
    Codirector, 2015
  16. X Roy - Comparing jumping velocity estimated by PUSH Band and My Jump systems to real velocity measured with a motion tracker ; predicting maximal load 1RM using PUSH Band system
    Internship advisor, 2015
  17. C Jouval - Comparing spatiotemporal and kinetic parameters recorded on a motorized split-belt treadmill, with handrim kinetics recorded with instrumented wheels
    Codirector, 2015
  18. L Soucy - Prediction of the maximal amplitude of abduction knee moment during human locomotion on an instrumented treadmill
    Codirector, 2013
  19. A Brassard Simard - Analysing propulsion energy during overground manual wheelchair propulsion
    Codirector, 2012
  20. J Ratelle - Stability analysis method for manual wheelchair propulsion
    Codirector, 2010
  21. S Séguin - Motor control for a manual wheelchair propulsion ergometer
    Codirector, 2010
  22. A Sorin - Digital display for an electrical vehicle
    Codirector, 2010
  23. O Blais Fréchette - Electronic drum
    Codirector, 2009
  24. MA Savard - Manual wheelchair mobility: Modelling movement and effort
    Codirector, 2009
  25. A Jouirou - Microcontroller based on logical gates
    Codirector, 2008
  26. A Khatib - Monitor for smoke detector
    Codirector, 2008
  27. H Nour - Temperature controller for hybrid vehicle battery cells
    Codirector, 2008
  28. G Rheault - Control card for communication between driver and SAE-formula onboard computer
    Codirector, 2008
  29. I Ben Yahia - Long-term electrophysiological data acquisition system
    Codirector, 2008
  30. AS Caron - Intelligent building - Light control
    Codirector, 2008
  31. MA Courteau - Digital polyphonic synthesizer
    Codirector, 2008
  32. Y Hassini - Coded lock
    Codirector, 2008
  33. F Lachapelle - Distant command and display for an audio preamplifier
    Codirector, 2008
  34. M Legris - Synthesizer with dsPIC
    Codirector, 2008
  35. A Medeiros - Development of a microcontroller-based system to control power factor
    Codirector, 2008
  36. Y Slassi Moutabir - Development of a 4-dof robot arm
    Codirector, 2008
  37. P Whittom - Domotic system controlled by DTMF
    Codirector, 2008
  38. C Adnot - Public transit users counter
    Codirector, 2007
  39. J Ménard - Microcontroller-controlled LED screen
    Codirector, 2007
  40. F Héroux - Two-inputs sound mixer with sound processing for DJs
    Codirector, 2007
  41. L Li - Programmable antitheft device
    Codirector, 2007

Academic advisor, evaluator or advising committee member

  1. M Blamoutier -
    Member of jury, 2017
  2. A Pouliot - Development of an active video game to improve walking efficiency in children with cerebral palsy
    Internal member of the advising committee, 2016
  3. K Arseneault - EMG analyses for different bench exercises
    Academic advisor, 2016 - 2018
  4. E Goubault de Bruigière - Impact of dyskinesia on motor repertoire of patients with Parkinson's disease
    Member of advising committee, 2015
  5. M Lalumière Boucher - Comparative biomechanical study between manual wheelchair propulsion overground and on a dynamometer
    Member of jury, 2014
  6. A Champagne - Unmatched Perception of Upper Limb Efforts When Propelling Overground and on a Motorized Treadmill Among Experienced Manual Wheelchair Users With Spinal Cord Injury
    Academic advisor, 2014