Félix Chénier PhD


Ultra-easy fix for mouse left button double-clicking issue

Publié le 2015-10-31

I do not know why mouse makers use such cheap microswitches, but the fact is that after several months of use, they tend to double-click randomly on single clicks, or to drop the selection on a click-and-drag. I had this experience with the otherwise wonderful Logitech Anywhere MX, which is in fact renowned for this very issue. Every trick I saw on the net implied either opening its microswitches and potentially break it or loose parts, or implied obscure methods such as putting some tape under the buttons, which does not solves the source of the problem (the microswitch contact).

I found a very, very simple trick that works seemlessly at least for me. It takes about one minute to perform.

  1. Remove batteries.

  2. Lift-up the left button so it pops out (I don't know for other mice, I would not do it without knowing. For other mice, open the mouse to have access to the microswitch):

  3. With a Q-tip, pour maybe 0.5 mL of rubbing alcohol on the microswitch. The microswitch is just down the hole under the popped button. You won't see it, but it's there.

  4. Close the button, and without waiting (the rubbing alcohol may evaporate quickly), left-click several times so that the alcohol flows into the microswitch and cleans the contacts. As it evaporates quickly, don't be afraid to put a liquid in a mouse. It won't damage anything.

  5. Wait a bit so that all the alcohol has evaporated, then put batteries back on.

  6. Enjoy your new mouse.

DISCLAIMER: I'll be happy to hear about your success, but I'm not liable for your failures ! :-)