Félix Chénier PhD


(Updated) Recursively lock and unlock folders on macOS

Publié le 2017-05-25

Last year I wrote a post on the fact that when you lock a folder on macOS, only the folder is locked but not its content. This can be very dangerous if you thought your files could not be overwritten but in fact they are.

I had wrote an Applescript to recursively toggle the lock state of selected folders in Finder. Somehow this script stopped working with a recent macOS update, so I went with even more basic stuff to make it work again : Automator.

You can find here two little Automator applications that you can save somewhere on your computer and drag into the Finder toolbar. Once dragged, you will have two lock icons in your Finder toolbar. Select some folders and then click on the closed lock to recursively lock all their contents. Click on the opened lock to unlock them.



Download the file here : rlock.zip