Welcome to Clément

Welcome to Clément Ghazouani, who begins a master’s degree in engineering under the supervision of Rachid Aissaoui and Félix Chénier. His research project will consist of developing real-time load calculations during wheelchair propulsion on a simulator, to reduce the biomechanical and physiological load of propulsion using biofeedback.

Kinetics Toolkit 0.3 released

Kinetics Toolkit 0.3 is now released. This version focuses on the kinetic analysis of wheelchair propulsion – my lab’s specialty 🙂 The main additions are these two modules: pushrimkinetics: reads files from instrumented wheelchair wheels; reconstructs the pushrim forces and moments; removes dynamic offsets in kinetic signals; performs speed and power calculation.

Welcome to Sabrina

Welcome to Sabrina Toofany, a doctoral candidate in Engineering at École de technologie supérieure. Her research project will consist of controlling a wheelchair racing simulator that will allow her to analyze the biomechanical aspects of wheelchair racing using a musculoskeletal model. This project is in continuity with her Master 1 internship which

Welcome to three new students

In this Fall 2020, I want to say welcome to three new students who begin graduate studies in the lab: Maude Fleury-Rousseau is beginning a master’s degree in physical activity science. Her research project will consist of establishing a protocol for the biomechanical laboratory evaluation of the propulsion of a manual or
News, Software and scripts

Kinetics Toolkit 0.2 released

Kinetics Toolkit gained a bit of maturity recently, with its second release (version 0.2). This python biomechanical library is slowly but steadily improving, with the following new features and improvement: New features Added the functions load and save. Introduced the file format. Added the gui module to show messages, input dialogs and file/folder pickers. Added the filter module with TimeSeries

Kinetics Toolkit 0.1 released

Recently I decided to switch all my laboratory code from Matlab to Python, mainly to get rid of the elevated costs associated to Matlab licence maintenance, and also to learn a new language that I could also use outside my academic work. To date, I haven’t been disappointed. But to my surprise,

[Found] Looking for a graduate student

This post is not valid anymore. I am looking for a student interesting in pursuing an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree, with ideally a formation in Engineering (electrical / mechanical /

Congratulations to Etienne Marquis

Congratulations to Etienne Marquis, MSc student at the lab, for his Prize of the public for his oral presentation at the 26th congress of the Société Francophone Posture Equilibre et Locomotion (SOFPEL), entitled : Effets du mouvement du tronc et des membres supérieurs sur le changement directionnel du fauteuil roulant lors d’un

Welcome to Ilona

Welcome to Ilona Alberca, who will do her Master 2 internship at the lab on the evaluation of propulsion symmetry in wheelchair basketball.


We will be at the Congrès de la Société Francophone Posture Équilibre Locomotion (SOFPEL) these 4th and 5th of December, at the Musée des beaux arts de Montréal, with three oral presentations and a poster: É. Marquis, D.H. Gagnon, A. Faupin, F. Chénier, Effets du mouvement du tronc et des membres supérieurs