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Kinetics Toolkit 0.2 released

Kinetics Toolkit gained a bit of maturity recently, with its second release (version 0.2). This python biomechanical library is slowly but steadily improving, with the following new features and improvement: New features Added the functions load and save. Introduced the file format. Added the gui module to show messages, input dialogs and file/folder pickers. Added the filter module with TimeSeries
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Kinetics Toolkit

Kinetics Toolkit is an open-source python biomechanical library that aims to facilitate research in biomechanics using python. It does not attempt to provide a complete workflow from raw files to
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Trello sync to OmniFocus

I love Trello. And I love OmniFocus. I use Trello to manage tasks and projets with my students. As soon as there are more than one person working on a project, I have a Trello board for it. But I also have very big lists of tasks that are only mine, and
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Beginner’s Matlab Guide

I maintain a guide (in French) that is a basic document for students and researchers who want to quickly get started on Matlab and who do not have programming notions. This guide is not intended to be a replacement for a book or Matlab’s help, but rather a first contact where the
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OmniFocus to Calendar

Here is an OmniFocus Applescript that may interest OmniFocus Pro users. This AppleScript syncs all due items to an external calendar so we can see what items are due, not only in OmniFocus but also in the macOS Calendar application. If the calendar is hosted on iCloud or any cloud syncing service