Vista 2019, Amsterdam

Congratulations to Marjolaine Astier, who will present a poster on wheelchair propulsion with a tennis racket at the Vista Conference, this Septembre 6th, 2019: Astier, M., Alberca, I., Chénier, F., Watelain, E., Vallier, J.-M., Pradon, D., Faupin, A., 2019. Performance and risk of injury during manual wheelchair propulsion with a tennis racket

Welcome to Sabrina and Lilia

Welcome to Sabrina Toofany and Lilia Djoussouf from Sorbonne University (Paris), who received funding from Mitacs Globalink to do their Master 1 internship at the lab. They will work on skeletal and musculoskeletal modelling of wheelchair basketball and racing. Welcome onboard!

ISBS 2019, Miami University, Oxford USA

I will be at the 37th International Society of Biomechanics in Sports Conference, which will take place from July 21st to July 25th at Miami University, Oxford USA. I’ll present this: Measuring Racing Wheelchair Spatiotemporal Variables Using a Phone Camera: A Preliminary Concurrent Validity Study The purpose of this study was to

Looking for a graduate student

I am looking for a student interesting in pursuing an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree, with ideally a formation in Engineering (electrical / mechanical / biomedical / systems), to work on
Software and scripts

Beginner’s Matlab Guide

I maintain a guide (in French) that is a basic document for students and researchers who want to quickly get started on Matlab and who do not have programming notions. This guide is not intended to be a replacement for a book or Matlab’s help, but rather a first contact where the

KTK – Kinesiology Toolkit

Kinesiology Toolkit (KTK) is an in-house biomechanical library developed by Professor Félix Chénier at Université du Québec à Montréal. KTK is a collection of Matlab classes and aims to manage
Software and scripts

OmniFocus to Calendar

Here is an OmniFocus Applescript that may interest OmniFocus Pro users. This AppleScript syncs all due items to an external calendar so we can see what items are due, not only in OmniFocus but also in the macOS Calendar application. If the calendar is hosted on iCloud or any cloud syncing service