Mobility and Adaptive Sports Research Lab

The Mobility and Adaptive Sports Research Lab’s mission is to increase fundamental knowledge on the biomechanical interactions between the person, his technical aid and his environment in a context of mobility and practice of adapted sports.

Such new knowledge, acquired through the development and use of new technologies, is essential to better understand the mechanisms of injury development and the effect of adaptations (eg, positioning, sizing, specific training) on performance, risk of injury, and benefits of adapted physical activity in a functional rehabilitation setting.

Studying at the lab


  • Welcome to Hervé Lasbats
    Hervé Lasbats is a Kinesiology student at the Physical Activity Sciences Department in UQAM. His internship project is the validation of an estimation method for determining the center of pressure […]
  • Preprint – Interpreting the Tilt-Torsion Method to Express Shoulder Joint Kinematics
    We have just submitted a new manuscript in pre-publication on arxiv: Interpreting the Tilt-Torsion Method to Express Shoulder Joint Kinematics. This manuscript presents and interprets, by simulation and using an […]
  • Welcome to Léa Kohl
    Léa Kohl is an Engineering student at the École d’ingénieurs EPF Sceaux, Paris, and she is completing a research internship in Montreal. Her research project is the development of a robotic […]
  • Welcome to Salmon Nessa
    Welcome to Salmon Nessa, who will do her Master studies at the lab. Her project is the development and validation of an immersive virtual reality environment for a wheelchair propulsion […]
  • Kinetics Toolkit 0.6
    Kinetics Toolkit 0.6 is now available via pip and conda.
  • Welcome to Clément Ghazouani
    Welcome to Clément Ghazouani, who begins a master’s degree in engineering under the supervision of Rachid Aissaoui and Félix Chénier. His research project will consist of developing real-time load calculations […]
  • Congratulations to Etienne Marquis for his M.Sc. degree
    Congratulations to Étienne Marquis for obtaining his master degree in kinanthropology at UQAM. With his thesis, entitled: Développement d’un modèle dynamique du fauteuil roulant manuel et de son utilisateur pour […]
  • Congratulations to Ary Pizarro-Chong for his Master’s degree
    Congratulations to Ary Pizarro-Chong, who recently completed his Master’s degree in Engineering at École de technologie supérieure. His thesis is entitled “Development and Validation of the Control Loops for the […]
  • Kinetics Toolkit 0.3 released
    Kinetics Toolkit 0.3 is now released. This version focuses on the kinetic analysis of wheelchair propulsion – my lab’s specialty 🙂 The main additions are these two modules: pushrimkinetics: reads […]
  • Welcome to Sabrina
    Welcome to Sabrina Toofany, a doctoral candidate in Engineering at École de technologie supérieure. Her research project will consist of controlling a wheelchair racing simulator that will allow her to […]