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Kinetics Toolkit gained a bit of maturity recently, with its second release (version 0.2). This python biomechanical library is slowly but steadily improving, with the following new features and improvement:

New features

  • Added the functions load and save.
  • Introduced the ktk.zip file format.
  • Added the gui module to show messages, input dialogs and file/folder pickers.
  • Added the filter module with TimeSeries wrappers for scipy’s butterworth and savitsky-golay filters.
  • Added interactive methods to TimeSeries:
    • TimeSeries.ui_add_event()
    • TimeSeries.ui_get_ts_between_clicks()
    • TimeSeries.ui_sync() (experimental).
  • Added TimeSeries.remove_event() method.
  • Added TimeSeries.resample() method (experimental).


  • Updated the documentation system using sphinx and jupyter-lab.
  • Improved performance of ktk.TimeSeries.from_dataframe()
  • ktk is now typed.

See Kinetics Toolkit’s website for more information.