Kinetics Toolkit

Kinetics Toolkit (ktk) is an open-source, pure-python package of integrated classes and functions that aims to facilitate research in biomechanics using python. It is mainly addressed to researchers and students in biomechanics with minimal experience in programming, who want to learn processing and controlling their research data using python. A special attention is made on documentation and interoperability with other environments (using pandas Dataframes and JSON files as intermediate data containers).

This is a long term project that is focused not only on the tool itself, but also a lot on learning. Please consult the “What is Kinetics Toolkit” section for more information on the project.

Please ask questions and submit bugs or feature requests on the git-hub issue tracker. While I develop Kinetics Toolkit primarily for my lab and have limited resources for troubleshooting, it will be my great pleasure to help if I can.


Kinetics Toolkit is developed at the Mobility and Adaptive Sports Research Lab by Professor Félix Chénier at Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

Thanks to Clay Flannigan for his icp method, to Benjamin Michaud for his ezc3d module, and to the dedicated people behind major software and packages used by Kinetics Toolkit, such as python, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, jupyter, pytest, sphinx, etc.

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