Kinetics Toolkit is distributed via both conda-forge and PyPi. The source code is hosted on git-hub.

Since reading c3d files relies on ezc3d which binaries are distributed only via conda-forge, the recommended installation method is therefore using conda-forge.

Install a conda distribution

Download and install Anaconda or Miniconda with python 3.8 or newer.

Create a ktk environment

It is recommended to create a separate environment, at least for testing Kinetics Toolkit. Open an Anaconda Prompt (on Windows) or a terminal (on macOS and Linux) and type these commands one by one to create a ktk virtual environment and install Kinetics Toolkit in this environment.

conda create -n ktk

conda activate ktk

Install and update Kinetics Toolkit

Still in the prompt/terminal:

conda install -c conda-forge kineticstoolkit ezc3d

You can keep Kinetics Toolkit up to date by typing this command regularly:

conda update -c conda-forge kineticstoolkit

Configuring Matplotlib graphics in IPython/Spyder

Kinetics Toolkit’s interactive functions make use of IPython’s integration of Matplotlib/Qt5’s event loop. When you want to use interactive functions in IPython, type:

%matplotlib qt5


Alternatively, since the Spyder IDE is so oriented towards science and it uses IPython, I highly suggest using this development environment. To use Spyder and configure it for interactive graphics:

  • Download and install the standalone version of Spyder (now recommended by Spyder’s developers over installing it from conda).

  • Configure Spyder’s environment to use the ktk conda environment you just created.

  • Choose the Qt5 backend for IPython:

    • Go to the Spyder’s preferences, to the IPython console item, then to the Graphics pane.

    • In the Graphics backend box, select Qt5. Restart Spyder.

Check that Kinetics Toolkit loads

The last step is to verify that you are able to import Kinetics Toolkit in an interactive IPython console. This should work without error:

>>> import kineticstoolkit


>>> import kineticstoolkit.lab as ktk